Food Revelation: Healthy Tips from my Professor

Hi! Today I want to share with you the precious piece of information I gained from my Biology course. So here are some food essentials she told us. It wouldn’t make you considerably thinner, but it will make you healthier. She said that these tips will help us get into the fit that is naturally comfortable for our body. For me and my great love to food ( I’m sure I’m not the only one) it will be oriented on making me thin and taut.

This article contains no fat-shaming, it is not based on any standards of beauty, it is all about health.


Fasting – detox day
Make a one fasting day in 7-14 days. If you can (of course) and if your physician agrees. You can fast on the apples and water, only water, a dairy product, any fruit (except banana and grape). Drink a lot – it is obligatory for detoxication of your organism. It is quite hard for the first time to change the diet drastically. But then you’ll adjust and start feeling really lighter. If you believe it to be very radical, start fasting by reducing the amount of food you eat, gradually you’ll be able to fast one day a week or every two weeks.


Drink. MORE.

Captain here, but I’m just introducing the knowledge I got from that course:) Water is the best natural cleanser your organism can have. It has detoxicating effect and supports your best filter – liver. Normal amount of water helps to reduce the weight, as it washes away the toxines and doesn’t let the fat to tamp. I suppose you know enough about how  important it is to drink more water.


Less coffee.

It is a fashion to drink coffee. Nowadays we have a cult of coffee. But, it has a lot of calories comparing to the tea and natural juices, and it often causes arrhythmia and is a real stress for our kidneys. If you are a coffeeholic make sure you drink a cup o water after every coffee cup, it helps your kidneys. Also search the web, there are a few studies about coffee’s influence on cancer development. 1 cup a day is ok.


Less eggs.

1 egg contains the amount of cholesterine you need in THREE days. The more cholesterine, the more potential troubles with veins and cardiovascular system. The scrambled eggs for breakfast is a bad day start. I liked omelettes with 2-3 eggs, now I’m quit. A lot of eggs in the diet influence development of acne and worsens total skin look.

More simple products.

This rule for me is the hardest one. You need to eat only simple products, it means to eat something one and separate from the other food. No mixing food like pizza, meat and potato together etc. Especially we need  to avoid ready mixes from the supermarket,  making everything at home. You can mix simple products together, but cook them in the same way: as in ratatouille for example. It is easier for our stomach. Imagine everything you’ve eaten today mixed in the one bowl – would you like to eat it again? I guess no. Such situation is inside your stomach. As an alternative, make a pause between eating each of the products, chew properly, and take your time.

Fat control.

You need only 7-10 grams of fat a day. Everything more is excessive and it becomes a deposit, if your lifestyle is not that active of course.



An adult needs up to 2000 calories a day. Calories calculator according to your activity type is here. If you eat 100 calories more a day, you can add about 13 pounds a year, with a low-activity lifestyle. But we all have a days when we have less than 1000 calories, or less than 1500 so you need to put efforts to get those pounds

It’s raw numbers.


Some vitamins regulate our metabolism, it means that they have enough power to influence our weight.
C, P, Pp, B group (except B12) – influence catabolism, reduce calories and create energie.

E, A, D, K and B12 – help to gain weight, but not because of fat- they build new organs and tissues =>muscles. It is  a healthy group of vitamins. We all need them.


Lactibacillales – they are the bacteries in the dairy. They help our microbiota by producing lactic acid that normalizes the work of our gastrointestinal tract. Yogurt a day is enough, homemade is better.

Author: Ksena

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